My Story & Contact

From when I was young I liked creating and building things with my hands. After  awhile I discovered computers and they became more of my hobby. I found that I really liked webdesign and graphic arts. I decided to enroll to Langara College to develop my skills, and to dive deeper into my passion. I found myself excelling at digital media and graduated with honors. I got a job working as a graphic designer, and in the meantime I discovered a new hobby in off-road 4X4ing which brought on a new project, building my very own rock crawler. While constructing, I came across a new tool which was a CNC plasma table. This was something I had never seen before and its capability captivated me, I had to purchase one. Playing around with my new machine, I became curious to merge my skills in digital media and steel fabrication. This brought one a new avenue of creativity. From framing my artwork to be sold in a local store, to selling custom wine decor at wineries, to creating police badges as gifts honoring their service, I started a reputation as a local metal artist.
Nowadays this has evolved into something more than just fun and it has truly become a passion. I put in the time to make something meaningful and the best quality to suit my customers needs. Message me today and let’s get started on some ideas, in the meantime check out my online store.
We are a family run Canadian company located out in Langley BC! email any time at and thanks for supporting us!